29 June 2007

Bullseye Storms the Red Carpet

What a lucky dog! Target is a major sponsor of the Los Angeles Film Festival so who better to represent on the red carpet than Bullseye? This handsome devil was decked in a red collar with rhinestones, cozing up to many major A-listers, including Dustin Hoffman and Kevin Bacon. So do you think this might count as one degree of Kevin Bacon?

DCH Spotlight - Dynasty Designer Dog Dress

I know this dress may seem just a little too close to your junior high dance for comfort, but I dig it anyway. The embroidered overlay is kinda cool in a Gothic sort of way, but most importantly, it has a huge back bow! What's more fun than a back bow? They may not work so well on bridesmaids, but on a fluffy cutie pie like Annie? Irresistible.

28 June 2007

Really Lovin' the Black & White

Rachel Weisz attended the Hermès store opening in downtown Manhattan in this adorable black & white print dress. We are so loving the black & white combo. We've been loving the black & white combo for a while now and this new Black & White Hawaiian Dog Dress is no exception. A summer must have!

DCH Spotlight - Fairy Dress

Ooh, Shiny! Check out the detachable wings.

27 June 2007

USB Dog Action

Best. Gag. Gift. Ever. For your computer friends more than your doggie friends, but still hiliarious! The novelty can wear off pretty fast but for $17.95, totally worth the laughs!

DCH Spotlight - Butterfly Day Dress

I admit it. Sometimes I buy clothing (or shampoo or mascara or vodka) just because I subconsciously think that if I do, I might begin to resemble the model in the ad. After getting an eyeful of that smoochie-poochie bundle of love above , I bet a lot of dogs out there are going to follow suit and start rocking this dress. Not that that's any great tragedy or anything. Who can resist butterflies and flowers? Um, don't answer that.

26 June 2007

Black & White Stripes!

Not the prison kind of stripes, but the summery, crisp, clean stripes. Christina Aguilera looks gorgeous at a press conference in Shanghai in black & white stripes and some say, hiding her rumored bump. Our black & white stripes dress is a bit more innocent, but still very stylish.

25 June 2007

Colorado Springs #1 City for Dogs

Do you think you've given your pooch everything? If you live on the East Coast, would you consider moving West to ensure a happier, healthier dog? Men's Health ranked the top 50 cities for dogs and 9 of the 10 are West. And how did they rank these cities? They looked at the number of dog parks, vets, pet stores, boarding, shelters, etc. and number of dogs living there. The more dogs, the more dog-friendly the city, and the more friends your dog can have!

Colorado Springs, CO made the top of the list. New York, NY only made it to number 37. Bummers! But understandable. Not much room to roam around here. Here are the top ten:

1. Colorado Springs, CO
2. Portland, OR
3. Albuquerque, NM
4. Tucson, AZ
5. Seattle, WA
6. Denver, CO
7. Austin, TX
8. San Francisco, CA
9. Tampa, FL
10. Sacramento, CA

And if you're so inclined, check out the rest of the top 50.

DCH Spotlight - Black Tuxedo, Top Hat & Bow Tie

One of our most popular items this month was the Black Tuxedo. Lots of weddings. However, we didn't get as much of a need for bridesmaids dresses. Were they custom made to match the rest of the wedding party?

22 June 2007

Take Your Dog to Work Day

Well today was Take Your Dog to Work Day. It was created by Pet Sitters International in 1999 to celebrate dogs. If you missed it, you now have 1 year to convince your employer to allow you to take your dog to work next year. If you want to accept this mission, here are some tips. The HR department would probably be a good place to start. Ask around to see if this is something that's been done before or if you know of a competitor/business partner that does this. That should help with the convincing. See if there are any laws or building rules regarding dogs in public places. PowerPoint presentations are always nice, especially if you can include some adorable pictures clip art and of course, statistics. Business people love statistics.

In the meantime, if you think your employer will go for it, you'll have to make sure your dog is people-friendly and well-behaved. No accidents please. And let's not forget, you'll have to do some outfit planning!

DCH Spotlight - Basic Ribbed Tank Top

Sometimes, you just want to slip into something simple and go about your day. These little wife beaters are just that. Form fitting and simple. No need to fuss with crazy colors, accessories, snaps, buttons, velcro, etc.

21 June 2007

Tiki Rockin' a Pink Stripe Dress

Happy Happy Joy Joy! This is the very first picture mail we've received for the blog, and could it be more adorable? This little Tiki dog looks absolutely scrumdiddlyumptious, and she made my day, so keep 'em coming!

Oh, and I love the matching pink carrier and crate in the backround. Tiki, Annie's totally jealous.

DCH Spotlight - Paris Dog Dress

Girly, yet not pink. Sophisticated, yet tie-dyed. Civilized, yet sequined. This dream of a dress is just one big cloud of contradictions that work amazingly well together. Annie would look precious in it and all, but I really want it for me. Hey, Oscar Newman? Ever thought about designing a line for 2-leggers?

20 June 2007

Very Unfortunate Jeans

When I first saw this picture, I thought, wow, what an unfortunate pair of jeans.

Then I thought maybe she fashioned them after these doggie jeans.

There's a lesson behind these jeans, kids. Put the scissors down and don't DIY cut and style.

Update: This is Brooke Hogan, from Hogan Knows Best. Um, Hulk Hogan's daughter. Yeah, I'm not too familiar with her work either.

DCH Spotlight - Lace & Polka Dot Dog Tee

Velour, polka dots, lace, floral print...there's so much going on in this one piece...it's fantastic!

19 June 2007

Reunited (And It Feels So Good)

Not to get all Chicken Soup for the Soul on you, but...this is one of the most beautiful stories I've ever read about the canine/human bond. Molly, a Black Lab, travelled over 200 hundred miles through the rough terrain of Maine woods, dodging black flies and even coyotes just to be with her family again. NSFW - it'll make you cry.

DCH Spotlight - Mod Print Bellbottom Jeans

Dear Phish,

Please get back together and have one of those fabulous outdoor concerts shindigs you do so well so that I can wear these. 'Cause, seriously, what grooves harder than darkwash jeans with Pucci-esque trim?

Peace and Love,


PS: Love that 'Dog Log' song!

18 June 2007

DCH Spotlight - Birthday Girl Tee

Have you ever done that thing where you pretend it's your birthday just so you can get some free dessert and much-needed attention? Maybe not, but you have to agree that this shirt is just way too cute to only be worn once a year. Just saying.

15 June 2007

Paws for Style Fashion Show

Earlier this week some celebrities and their pooches were strutting their stuff down the catwalk for Animal Fair Magazine's 8th Annual Paws for Style Celebrity Pet Fashion Show to benefit the Humane Society. Many of them wore matching and/or coordinated outfits. Stacy London from What Not to Wear was there in a really pretty pink spring dress. Other celebrities included Richard Belzer from Law & Order: SVU, Hayden Panettiere, the unbreakable cheerleader from Heroes, and Prince Lorenzo Borghese, the 9th bachelor looking for love on The Bachelor (even though we're reality show addicts, we missed that one). You can check out more pictures of this event here.

DCH Spotlight - Blair Dog Day Dress

I personally don't wear a lot of yellow, but it really makes this dress look so sweet (as in awwww, not candy yummy). The tweed skirt, faux necklace, rhinestones and little flower is perfect for the preppy girl with a modern edge.

14 June 2007

Messing with Doggy DNA

A recent article in the New York Times explored developments in DNA screening and manipulation (à la Gattaca) for dogs! It started with some mutant muscly whippets. Scientists were able to map out the DNA, find the mutant gene, and eliminate it to lose the muscle and keep the speed.

With a completed genome of a boxer, scientists are looking to map out more dog DNA and develop tests to find out which trait a dog possesses. Using this information, breeders can pick and choose which are their best dogs to mate and have "perfect" offspring. This is incredible and crazy! But let's remember, there's more to a dog than "perfect" DNA. And watch Gattaca if you haven't seen it! Ethan Hawke! Jude Law!

DCH Spotlight - Itty Bitty Bitch Dog Tee

If you have a little teacup diva of terror, how can you not have one of these tees? Especially if she is really itty bitty like 2-4 pounds. And if she really lives up to this title, there are toys and bowls to match with the attitude!

13 June 2007

What's Black and White and Barking All Over?

Nope, that's not a Panda. Or even a Pandog. Just a dog dyed to look like a Panda. This adorable pooch was cruelly abandoned by his former owner because of his of his less-than-stellar looks. Fortunately, he was then rescued by a pet shop owner who also happened to also be a beautician, and promptly given a very creative makeover! To read more about Columbo, the Panda formerly know as Dog, go here. If you want to witness the product of some interspecies love in the jungle, look no further:

That's a Liger. You may remember him from such films as "Napoleon Dynamite".

12 June 2007

Kissing My Dog on the Lips

I've noticed some non-dog people are freaked out by those who kiss their dogs on the lips. Seriously, if you had one of these lovable fuzzies in your life, I don't know how anyone can resist that cute little squishy face. Mwah! Well, Saturday Night Live (SNL) took this to a whole nother level. Check out this digital short (which is becoming the best part of the show) they did with some doggy kissing. I'll leave it at that.

DCH Spotlight - Denim Nautical Dress

This dress has it all - denim, sequins, patriotic colors, tulle skirt, attention-grabbing, and cute!

11 June 2007

Ales For Tails

When Annie was a puppy, she had this thing about licking the rim of my wineglass whenever I wasn't looking. Like a true connoisseur, she would then swirl her tongue about in her mouth thoughtfully and look up at me in a way that suggested that she had a far superior palette to mine, and really, shouldn't I just go ahead and give her the rest of the glass? I told her she would have to wait until she turns at least 3 in dog years.

However, this beef-flavored dog beer sound so yummy I might have to go back on my word and have a good old fashioned night of brewskis with the pup. Yes, beef-flavored beer! Tell me that isn't the best of both worlds.

DCH Spotlight - Hawaiian Bow Summer Dress

It is to my personal belief that the best way to combat Mondays is to not acknowledge them at all. Show up for work in flip-flops, have one of those Margarita lunches, Google pictures of exotic locales, and by the time 5 pm rolls around, you might just believe that you've been on a tranquil beach all day sunning yourself. I haven't quite mastered this method of mind control, but I have found the perfect dress for Annie to wear once we find our island of choice. It's casual but still girly, and we love the subtle Hawaiian floral pattern in the fabric.

08 June 2007

Hotdoll for the Horn Dog

End those embarrassing moments where you have to pry Kenny from your guest's leg. Let them feel safe from the attack of the horn dog. I'm sure there are a few people out there who will be putting this on Fido's gift list. In fact, I can think of a few off the top of my head who really needs one. And I like the clean design. It goes well with our modern decor and when not in use, your guest might think it's just quirky decoration.

DCH Spotlight - Pink Camouflage Cargo Pants

There is definitely a group of us out there who love overalls, jumpsuits and pants on our doggies. They just look so Gosh. Darn. Cute. These pink camouflage cargo pants are no exception. I love the option of mixing and matching (and mismatching) tops and bottoms. Because we are not the matchy-matchy fashion types here. Clash of the patterns is more like it. Dog clothes designers, we really need some more skirt and pant options.

07 June 2007

3 Barks For Barker!

You know how at the end of every Price Is Right episode (his last one will air June 15) Bob Barker would remind you to 'spay and neuter your pets?' Apparently he was actually serious. I always thought the quote was some kind of ploy to create a wacky signature phrase, kind of like Hilton's "That's Hot" or The Donald's "Ya Fir-ahd. " But according to Variety, Barker has been an animal advocate for over 20 years, and actually started his own foundation for people who didn't have the funds to, um, spay or neuter their pets.

We're a little bit in love with you, Bob Barker! Sure, Paul Newman's got Camp Hole in The Wall and a delicious Parmesan peppercorn vinaigrette. Jessica's got Operation Smile. Oprah has about 5654.44 zillion charities going on, and she makes sure we hear about all of them on a daily basis. A celebrity who does good things, knows how much toilet paper is going for these days, and doesn't sing his own praises? C'mon down!

DCH Spotlight - Gisele Dog Sundress

Candy and Crystals and Bows! Oh my!

06 June 2007

Kiehl's Loves Dogs

Kiehl's cult fans here. We love the moisturizers, cleansers, scrubbers, lotions, hair products and now - drum roll please - they offer a line of products for your dog. Yippee! Another reason to trek down to the 3rd Avenue boutique, grab a cup of coffee and load up on samples and unload your wallet. They love dogs so much that pet adoptions are held in their Chicago, Miami and Santa Monica stores. They've found homes for nearly 100 animals since they started the program last fall. If it's possible, we're even bigger fans now.

DCH Spotlight - Cupcake Sweater

I'm one of those unfortunate people who usually wears part of their meal down the front of their shirt. Maybe I need to learn how to concentrate a bit more when moving the food from fork to mouth. Concentration, coordination? This sweater might not be stain proof but at least it'll be okay to see your cupcake on your sweater. And it's making me crave for a sweet treat.

05 June 2007

DCH Spotlight - Hip To Be Square Dog Shirt

Annie is diggin' this shirt, Daddy-o. And who am I to blame her? It's got this hipster-meets-zoot suit riot-meets-Andy Warhol type thing going on, and basically, it would look good on any red blooded stud. We'll take it. Now we just need to find her a boyfriend to button inside.

Paw Readers

We so called this! The real Paris may be sporting a classic orange jumpsuit, but over at Madame Tussaud's, her wax figure is definitely swathed in stripes. This confirms that we are not mentally unstable weirdos with an excess of free time; rather, we are trendsetters with a keen eye for all things en vogue! In fact, I kind of feel like the Nostradamus of dog fashion. Let's see how far my powers can stretch, shall we?

Below is the most essential item you can possibly buy for summer 2007:

Brit-Brit? Tori Spelling and her pugs? Nicole? La Lohan? You may laugh now, but come July, this top will be everywhere. Oh, and if you're curious as to how our little jailbird is doing, check in with Perez!

04 June 2007

DCH Spotlight - Best in Show Swarovski Tee

We love Oscar Newman dog clothes! They have a great eye for detail and it shows in every piece they make. This little stunner has sparkles, ruffled sleeves and lime green stitch trim to set it apart from the other (bland) tees your playmates are wearing at the park. And it doesn't hurt to reiterate who's the best...

Extreme Makeover

Do you remember flipping through magazines and tearing out pictures of Meg Ryan or Jennifer Aniston's haircut to show your hairdresser? Well here are some hair ideas for your dog's groomer. Make sure they're sitting first. Yes, they are a bit extreme and probably only for special occasions or if your dog were to be part of an art show. This design in particular reminds me of an episode from the Girls Next Door.

01 June 2007

DCH Spotlight - Pembridge Oxford Shirt

Why I should buy this for Annie immediately:

1. Stripes are cute for summer.
2. Who can resist a Peter Pan Collar?
3. The name sounds bloody posh.
4. The orange and white stripes remind me of delicious, delicious creamsicles.
5. The androgynous look is oh-so-very now.
6. I'm in love!

One Per Customer

Could you choose just one of these two?

Because we are very interested in international affairs (read: totally and completely unable to focus on work), we just read this article about how lawmakers in Nanjing, China are planning to pass a regulation limiting every household to only 1 (one!) pet dog.

There must be something in the water over there.

Saying that you can only have one dog is like saying "You can only eat one Hershey's Kiss" or "You can only buy those sandals in one color." These people are gravely underestimating the addictive power that those of the canine ilk can have over us. You can't have just one. Well, not for very long anyway.

Also, your 1 (one!) dog is not allowed to be large, or mean. So not fair. What if large and mean is your type? What if you're looking to own the Russell Crowe of Canines? What do you do then?

I'm sure this law does have certain societal benefits, but I'm too much of a fool for four leggers to really have an unbias perspective. Let me know what you think.