31 May 2007

DCH Spotlight - Pinka Top

It's hot. I'm tired. This shirt is adorable. So adorable that I don't have to even explain why it's adorable, right? Cause I think I hear the ice cream truck...

30 May 2007

DCH Spotlight - Puppia Soft Harness

Sometimes in fashion, a certain accessory will become so ubiquitous overnight that you realize that while you were sleeping, you surpassed the appropriate window of time where you can ask people what it is and where they got it without being embarrassed. You're just supposed to magically know, and it can be quite a lonely feeling.

So, just between you and me: That harness that every dog and her mother has on? It's called the Puppia Soft Harness. Yeah, the colors are great, aren't they? The mesh is very flexible. Durable too. Yeah, my dog loves it. Uh-huh, it's adjustable. No, not too expensive. Oh, they totally have it in blue!

Oh No, Yoko!

According to this article, British artist Mark McGowan was so perturbed by Prince Phillip's fox hunting hobby that he decided to eat a Welsh Corgi (Queen Elizabeth II's favorite breed) live on the radio. Yoko Ono was there for completely unrelated reasons, and she opted to try a bite as well.

Um? Protesting unfair treatment of animals by eating animals? Aside from being utterly nauseating and just plain wrong, it isn't even logical. Given the slew of man bites dog/dog bites man news articles lately, I propose a truce. No biting by either party, and certainly no eating. Let's give peace a chance.

Update: the Internets is out of control and everyone reported the wrong thing. Dog was eaten, but Yoko was not there and did not participate. Great way to get your name out there - ride on the name of a really, really famous person!

29 May 2007

DCH Spotlight - Tinker Bell Dress

It takes a certain je ne sais quoi to rock floral print with stripes. This is not something I possess, but Annie is nothing if not It Factor. This dress just might be a summer staple.

Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)

Every now and then, we have to do a shameless plug for things like safety and conscientious pet care. Yeah, a little boring, but it's the bloggeristically responsible thing to do. Can't be all jokes and cute clothes all the time, now can it? So anyway...

Whether you're slathering on the SPF 75 this summer or throwing caution to the wind and darkening yourself to a delightful golden brown, your pup will need protection from the rays. Dogs are very sensitive to sun and can get burned easily, especially if they happen to have a lighter skin tone and a kissable pink nose. Make sure to rub this pet sunscreen on your pup to help prevent uncomfortable burns. To pick up some other tips on keeping your pet safe this summer, check out this article. As for you, bronze away. We won't tell.

25 May 2007

DCH Spotlight - Soft Mesh

Light and airy, cool and comfy and tons of colors to choose from! The Soft Mesh tank top is totally adorable for summer. They look like refreshing and yummy sorbet.

Doggie Plastic Surgery

Did you ever feel there was something about your dog’s appearance that you wanted to change or tweak, to make her/him look just a little better? There is a Brazilian vet/surgeon, Edgado Brito, who has adapted plastic surgery techniques for animals so those who feel inclined can fix those protruding dog ears. He has even tightened the breasts of female dogs after they've given birth, yes a doggie boob job. He’s performed thousands of surgeries and feels health is a top concern but beauty is also an important aspect of the dog’s well-being.

Dr. Alan Schulman, a board-certified orthopedic veterinary surgeon, who’s worked with many celebrity dogs, gives us another perspective. He explains that there are instances where is it medically necessary to nip and tuck. Skin folds can be reduced or eliminated to help alleviate infections. Also, some breeds that suffer from breathing problems, like Pugs and Bulldogs, can get nose jobs.

Then there's the "Neuticles". To each his own.

24 May 2007

DCH Spotlight - Denim Mini Skirt Dress

This denim skirt dress really reminds me of seventh grade, but in a good way. I don't think I was ever this fashionable at that age but Annie can really rock this outfit and not look passé.

Man Bites Dog, Dog Bites Man

If you ever have a chance to search on general news stories about dogs, most of the articles will be one of two topics: "man bites dog" or "dog bites man". It makes us very sad. Of course there are some uplifting and funny stories, but just like local New York news, it's mostly depressing stuff. During the third full week in May, the American Veterninay Medical Association (AVMA), the United States Postal Service (USPS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have joined up to educate the public about dog bite prevention. According to the CDC, about 800,000 Americans seek medical attention for dog bites each year, half of these being children. Dog bites can be preventable with proper care and training. Man bites dog...those problems are way harder to solve.

23 May 2007

DCH Spotlight - Vintage Eagle Shirt

Whether it's alternative, classic, hard or good 'ol rock & roll, your dog can rock out with you at that hole in the wall show and fit right in with this Vintage Eagle Shirt. We're partial to the Beige one but the Gray looks pretty good too. Now they just need to make one in human size so we can get one. No matching outfits tho, it's rock.

Codependent Canines?

According to a recent NY Times article, many dog owners are registering their pets as "Emotional Service Animals" in order to get their dog a free pass into restaurants, stores, and offices. When properly used, an emotional support animal is intended as a companion for a severely mentally distressed individual, and is thus allowed to travel alongside the person wherever they go. While we all know that our pooches have a mysterious calming effect on us, a perfectly healthy human being claiming that they absolutely need their dog to brunch and shop with them is going just a tad too far.

Morally wrong as it is, I can't help but thinking that it's a clever idea. Sort of like stealing cable. You would never actually do it, but you're secretly a little in awe of those that do. What do you think?

22 May 2007

DCH Spotlight - Four by One Top

It's hard to find festive clothing that has a life past the actual holiday. After all, nobody wants to be the dog wearing the jack-o-lantern sweater to the park in the middle of November. That's why we love this tank top . It's perfect for all those holidays that require red, white and blue gear, but nothing about it screams 'Fourth of July'! The tasteful white stripes are just as flag-ish as nautical, so you can don it on Memorial Day and then take it sailing a week later.

American Idog

The showdown between Blake and Jordin for the Idol crown goes down tonight and we hope Paula can be there in top form. Ms. Abdul took a nasty fall over the weekend trying to avoid stepping on her Chihuahua, Tulip, who was not injured in the incident. Paula, on the other hand, broke her nose and fractured her toe. Ouch!

21 May 2007

DCH Spotlight - Bondi Surf Club One-of-a-Kind Tee

Surfer chic for your dog. Made from vintage and recylced tees, you get the worn in look without having to wash it 20 times. The good part? No one will have it. Yay. The bad part? It only comes in one size. Boo.

Happy belated Mother's Day

Even though Mother's Day was a week ago, we have to give props to this momma dog. In this photo, Huani, is nursing 3 abandoned tigers (temporarily named One, Two and Three) and her own pup. It seems it's common for this Chinese zoo to use surrogate dog mothers when the tiger mother rejects its babies. Strange, but moving.

18 May 2007

A Face Only A Mother Could Love?

When we heard that the Sonoma-Marin Fair was having a World's Ugliest Dog Contest, we just had to check it out for ourselves. There are so many things wrong with this concept that I don't know where to start.

First of all, we wouldn't have a 'world's ugliest human' contest, would we? Nooo. As Americans, it is our duty to smile, lie through our (Creststrip whitened) teeth, and teach our children the lyrics to "Everything is Beautiful." When we really need to sound off about the less than pleasing aesthetic of a fellow human being, we go visit Perez Hilton. And that's not even that bad, because those people are usually ugly on the inside, not the outside. Plus, it's not like we know them personally.

Even more disturbing, most of the dogs competing for the venerable 'ugliest' title happen to be Chinese Cresteds. A tad breedist, perhaps? Just because you happen to be hairless except for your mohawk does not make you unattractive. If it did, why would everyone be swooning over Emo boys?

Bottom line is, all dogs are cute. They're dogs. C'mon.

DCH Spotlight - Olivia Blouse

Once in a great while, we come across a magical piece of clothing that look absolutely amazing on everyone who tries it on, regardless of size or body type. As you can see, this Olivia Blouse is definitely one of those items. With four irresistible prints and a ladylike attached scarf, it's a wardrobe staple. Annie loves that it's casual enough to pair with a denim skirt, yet upscale enough for take your dog to work day.

17 May 2007

Heads Up

Seeing Britney all over the tabloids for the past couple of weeks got us thinking about how adorable Annie looks in hats and that we should make an extra effort to get her to wear them more often.

Like Brit, Annie loves the cowboy hats. But we've really gone gaga over this sporty tennis visor.

16 May 2007

Dog Poop as Political Art

When you have a dog, poop is just part of the deal. Along comes PACT (Pooptagging Against Cultural Theft) which wants to make political art through doggie doo. According to their site:

The concept is simple. Corporations naturally try to privatize everything in their path, so we'll give them a hand. Whenever you see an abandoned pile of doggie doo, stick a copyright flag in it and lay your claim. One by one, we'll show the corporate world what we think of their claim to ownership of our culture.

As much as we hate "The Man" and love art, you can't leave poop lying around the streets of NYC, especially with a flag in it. 1. it's illegal 2. it's gross 3. doggie doo is the leading source of e. coli bacterial pollution 4. it's gross 5. if I come across a random pile of poo, I'm not going anywhere near it 6. did I mention it's gross? Instead, we recommend this adorable baggie carrier and make a statement against poop abandoners by yelling at people who don't pick up after their dogs.

Puppy Love

Shrek the Third hits theaters on Friday, and Annie is absolutely beside herself with excitement. She definitely has a thing for that lovable green ogre, and whenever she sees a picture of him, she gets that googly-eyed, drooly look on her face. Come to think of it, it's pretty much the same expression that I get whenever I look at this:

To each would-be princess, her prince. Anyway, Annie has been bugging me for weeks about exactly which ensemble she should wear when attending the movie. (I think she has ideas about stealing Shrek away from Princess Fiona) We finally decided on this little number :

Subtle, isn't it? Oh well, at least it's his favorite color!

15 May 2007

Stars of Track and Field?

Yes, those are chihuahuas. And yes, they are running. We're a little puzzled too, but apparently it's because Petco is on the hunt for the fastest chihuahua in America, and they're having races all across the country to find their, um, star athlete. If you and Paris/Tinkerbell/Chanel/Peanut are so inclined, go here for dates and locations.

However, should you deign to get out of your Louis carrier and sweat it out, please at least dress appropriately. This means cute sportswear :

I'll be at the finish line cheering you on. Annie's sitting this one out though - she thinks teacups make her look fat.

14 May 2007

Call Me

Annie has a closet full of trendy designer duds, what next? One ultimate accessory on her shopping list is this doggie cell phone.

The PetsCell is the first voice enabled waterproof GPS cell phone optimized for animals. You can call and chat with your pup or use it as a GPS tracking device if they're lost. There's also a "call owner" button for the finder to call you about your lost doggie. I just hope the buttons are big enough for Annie to text us back. t2ul

11 May 2007

Rodent Clothes Horse?

We officially have spring fever. Most of the time, we do actual work while at work (or at least try very hard to act like we do)

But today our aimless procrastination truly reached new heights:

Yes, that is a squirrel. This ain't no cuteoverload.com, folks. Somewhere out there, there is a woman who is incredibly dedicated to dressing up her pet squirrel and taking photos like the one above. To see more, check out her site

10 May 2007

Bitchy Tees

You know those rude tee shirts people started wearing a couple of years ago?

I guess it was only a matter of time until this happened:

Cheeky, but cute, right? However, there are limits - this tee, for example:

Would you let your dog out of the house like that? I'd like to think that friends wouldn't let friends make fashion faux pas as grave as that one. But I suppose if you're as cute as Annie, you can pull off pretty much anything...

09 May 2007

Officially over it.

Boy, are we fickle! Last week, we were okay with the skulls. Now, I'm officially over the skull and camouflage trend in doggie fashion. We look at new dog clothes designers every day and we keep on seeing the same thing - skulls, camouflage or skull with camo. Even with the 3rd Pirates movie coming out, we've had enough with the skulls. Evil skulls, cute skulls, abstract skulls, half skulls, whole skulls and the worst offender of all - skulls and camouflage! Gah!

08 May 2007

Jail Dogs

Well, we're not sure if that's Tinkerbell or not (Paris seems to change pets almost as much as she changes boyfriends), but we're thinking Ms. Hilton will want some company during her little jail stint. Hope the dog of the moment likes stripes!

07 May 2007

Off the Runway - the Baby Doll

After a long winter, spring is always a time to look forward to light, airy and feminine dresses. One of the top ten looks from Style.com is the baby-doll dress.

For Annie, we turned down the sophistication and turned up the adorableness - pink, bows and ruffles!

The Pink Mariposa Hand-Smocked Dog Dress or Pink Doll Dog Dress will put the baby in your doll!

04 May 2007

Dog Dish

Just asking...Which legendarily sharp-tongued New York Post Gossip Columnist has a not-so-secret soft spot?

Dishy tales of two very pampered poochies with downright decadent closets + heaps of celebrity gossip = a yummy tell-all that's impossible not to devour in one sitting.

In addition to lavishing love on Yorkies Jazzy & Juicy and serving us the scoop on all things Hilton, Cindy Adams also designs irresistably chic carriers:

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

03 May 2007

Annie Lavigne

I know I'm supposed to be a grownup, but that new Avril Lavigne tune, "Girlfriend" is somehow stuck my head and I can't say that I particularly mind it being there.

And as long as we're telling secrets, I might as well admit that I kinda like her pop/punk/slacker/goth/glamour/whatever style, even though I don't think it would work for me personally.

But that's the thing about having a dog. If I can't rock it, Annie can! This skull tank, for example:

Hell yeah, she's the mother ******' princess.

I wonder how she would feel about some strategically placed pink coat highlights?

02 May 2007

Celebrate Star Wars 30th in Costume

When I first saw Star Wars, I wanted to be Princess Leia. Now my dog can live that dream too. Or maybe I can be the Princess and Annie can be the handmaiden ^_^