29 November 2007

Trouble Receiving Death Threats

We all remember Trouble, Leona Helmsley's dog, who left the dog $12 million after she passed away. Trouble has become one of America's most famous dogs and the richest dog to date. This little Maltese may seem to have it all, but now there are reports that she is getting death threats.

Helmsley’s longtime friend John Codey is in charge of caring for Trouble and her trust fund. Codey said that Trouble has received about 20 to 30 death threats. He said the threats have stated, “I’m gonna kill the dog” or ”I’m gonna kidnap the dog. I need the $12 million.”

Codey said that Trouble has a rotating security team to make sure she is safe at all times. She even uses an alias when traveling on board her private plane. “We’ve had problems keeping her identity confidential and we had to change her name even to take her on the aircraft. We called her “Bauble” instead of Trouble,” detailed Codey.

He added, “Trouble is very much alive and well taken care of. I can tell you that she’s in this country and she’s in a nice warm climate.”

[Source: Itchmo]

28 November 2007

Pretty in Pink

Looks like this little princess knows exactly how to rock her favorite outfit and look great doing it! What kind of outfits do you like to dress your Poochie in?

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26 November 2007

Puppy Mill Action Week

The Humane Society of the United States has announced the week of November 25 - December 1 to be Puppy Mill Action Week.

The purpose of this week is to encourage people not to buy puppies from a pet store or over the Internet, which often get their puppies from puppy mills, and to inform the public that they can help put an end to puppy mills.

Stephanie Shain, director of The HSUS’ Stop Puppy Mills campaign, said, “People think they are rescuing a dog from a pet store, when that purchase is only making room for hundreds more puppy mill dogs to be bred and sold. The public should be concerned not only with that one puppy in the window, but also for the mistreated breeding dogs caged for years back at the puppy mill. Because people buy the puppies, these dogs will spend their lifetime confined, churning out puppies.”

Numerous celebrities are also in support of Puppy Mill Action Week including: Nathan Lane, Patricia Arquette, Kelly Ripa, Molly Shannon and others. For more information and to sign a pledge to stop puppy mills, go here

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21 November 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Everyone at Dog Clothes Horse wish all our readers a wonderful Thanksgiving! Travel safe, eat well and shop plenty! If you need some gift ideas for your pooch, stop by Modern Tails for excellent Christmas gift ideas.

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We'll be off the rest of the week, but will be back Monday to chat about dogs and dog clothes!

DCH Spotlight: Uptown Girl Brushed Dog Sweater

This is what Annie's wearing to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night. Appropriately fabulous! Does your dog have a favorite Thanksgiving oufit?

19 November 2007

Three Legged Dog Hailed As Hero

Tripp may only have three legs, but that doesn't stop him from doing anything he sets his mind and heart on.

This Golden retriever was once considered un-adoptable and was about to be put down. But a person stepped in and rescued from his horrible fate and sent Tripp to the Tennessee Valley Golden Retriever Rescue foundation. He was then placed with a foster family.

His new owner, Ellen Franklin, said that when she first met Tripp, he had an amputation of his back left leg. When she saw this three-legged dog, it was love at first sight. Tripp was able to adapt quickly to only having three legs. Franklin said, “No one has told him that he’s a dog with three legs. He chases squirrels and does anything the rest of them can do.”

This Golden retriever is also a hero because he saved the lives of the Franklin family when their house was on fire. He woke up Franklin to alert her of the fire, and the family was able to get out in time. For his brave act, he was awarded with the G.R.A.C.E. award for his heroism.

Tripp is also a therapy dog and visits patients at hospitals in the area. Not only is this dog a hero, but he’s now a model. Tripp is “Mr. April” for a calendar for the Tennessee Valley Golden Retriever Rescue.

Way to go, Tripp!

[Source: Itchmo.com]

16 November 2007

I'm Such a Prankster

Do you think that adorable dog sticking out his tongue is trying to tease us? My dog loves to tease me too, by constantly hiding my remote control so I have trouble finding it! What does your dog do to tease you?

[Image: CaninePics.com]

Kissing Pups

Although it does look like the dog may be biting the other's nose, I think that's just his way of showing affection. Do you have two dogs who like to kiss? Or if not, how does your dog show his affection for you?

[Image: CaninePics.com]

15 November 2007

Hungry for a Midnight Snack?

I'm always hungry for a lite Husky snack in the middle of the night :-) Does your dog like to hang out in strange places?

[Image: CaninePics.com]

Just Washing the Dishes

...with my tongue! How does your dog find tasty left-over goodies?

[Image: CaninePics.com]

Abandoned Dog Becomes Inspiration to Others

More than two years ago, when Duane Hodges found Dobie, a stray black Labrador puppy, who was severely injured, he had a right-hip fracture and a break in his right leg.

According to a veterinarian, Dobie was believed to have been thrown from an upper level of a parking garage, based on his injuries. Duane Hodges works near the St. Louis Park, Minn. parking garage where Dobie was found injured. He believes the intent was to end the dog's life, and he is angry about it. After Hodges went to visit Dobie at a clinic he said that Dobie ran to him and that it broke his heart.

After that, Hodges decided to pay the $5,000 cost of surgery and underwater treadmill therapy Dobie would need to get better. Hodges explained that he didn't even think twice about the cost, because he's a dog lover and his heart went out to Dobie. The surgery was a success. Now, more than 2 years later, Dobie has been adopted into a loving home. His owner said, “There are no hip joints there so when you see him go down the hall there’s not hips but he does really well.”

Dobie uses his disability to help people with severe disabilities. This therapy dog has been visiting Phoenix Alternatives every week for the past three months. He brings a smile to those that can’t speak, walk or use their hands. One man, who can’t speak, uses a device to speak and play with Dobie. A recording goes off that says, “Dobie, sit, good dog.”

“There were a lot of people that really gave a lot of encouragement, a lot of help in getting him here and it’s just a way to thank them is to let him help someone else. That’s what he loves doing,” said his owner.

[Source: Itchmo.com and WCCO]

14 November 2007

Man Marries Dog to Ward off Curse

A man in southern India married a female dog in a traditional Hindu ceremony in a bid to atone for stoning two dogs to death.

The 33-year-old man married the sari-draped dog at a temple in the southern state of Tamil Nadu on Sunday after an astrologer said it was the only way to cure himself of a disability, the Hindustan Times newspaper reported. P. Selvakumar told the paper that he had been suffering since he stoned two dogs to death and strung them up in a tree 15 years ago.

"After that my legs and hands got paralyzed and I lost hearing in one ear," the paper quoted him as saying. Family members chose a stray female dog named Selvi who was then bathed and clothed for the ceremony. He promised that he would take care of Selvi for the rest of his life. The family and the groom had a feast to celebrate, while Selvi received a bun to eat.

[Source: CNN Europe]

13 November 2007

Dog Survives Swallowing Wii Remote

This is another story to remind pet owners of what not to leave around our curious and hungry pets.

The Becknell family took their three-year-old Labrador retriever to the veterinarian when the dog started vomiting blood. The animal hospital took X-rays of the dog’s stomach and it appeared that there was a TV remote in his stomach. The veterinarian induced vomiting on the dog. Pieces of an old TV remote came out from the dog’s stomach, but there was something else in there besides the TV remote.

“The vet started massaging the dog’s belly and it just came flying out of the dog,” said Marie Becknell. “I knew what it was right away by the color and shape of it. It was my son’s video game remote. The dog had swallowed the boy’s Nintendo Wii controller.”

The curious dog had to undergo surgery to have the remote removed. He recovered from his ordeal, but the Wii Remote did not fare so well. It had to be tossed into the garbage. The son’s punishment for leaving the controller out was two weeks allowance to replace the Wii remote.

Here are the top ten most common items surgically removed from pets, according to Veterinary Pet Insurance:
1. Socks
2. Underwear
3. Panty Hose
4. Rocks
5. Balls
6. Chew Toys
7. Corn Cobs
8. Bones
9. Hair Ties/Ribbons
10. Sticks

Other frequently ingested objects include nails, sewing needles and nipples from baby bottles. But VPI has also received medical records for pets that have swallowed pagers, hearing aids, drywall, snail bait, batteries, rubber bands, toy cars, and sand with bacon grease poured on it.

The best thing pet owners can do to prevent costly foreign body removal surgery is keep a clean living space. This includes making sure that personal items are not left on the floor or within easy reach of pets and remaining aware of each pet’s chewing tendencies. Certain objects may appeal more to some pets than others. Knowledge of a pet’s tastes and tendencies can help pet owners exercise caution when letting a pet near objects that could be accidentally swallowed. Also remember that table scraps can contain excessive grease, bones or other objects not easily digested by pets.

[Source: Itchmo.com]

12 November 2007

Boys Honored For Raising Money For Police Dog Vests

Chicago Police are applauding the efforts of two young boys who raised money to help protect department canines.

Jonathan and David Walker-Moses, ages 5 and 6, were honored at the department’s monthly Awards Ceremony on Thursday for raising money to buy a protective vest for a police dog as a part of the Illinois Vest a Dog Program. The boys raised the funds by sponsoring a garage sale with the help of their mother last summer, according to a release from the police.

Jonathan and David were presented with certificates of appreciation at the ceremony, during which a check was presented on behalf of the boys to the department's Canine Training Center, the release said. On average, dog vests cost about $800 each.

Great job, Jonathan and David!

[Source: WBBM 780]

Hip Hop Mogul Speaks Out Against Dog Fighting

Russell Simmons, a hip-hop mogul and co-founder of Atlanta-based hip-hop label Def Jam Records, is speaking out against dog fighting. He recently shot a public service announcement for the Humane Society of the United States and the BeKIND Foundation.

The public service announcements will run on YouTube and on the organizations’ websites starting Tuesday. The ads feature a muzzled dog being thrown into a fighting ring, and Simmons saying, “There is nothing slick, cool or glamorous about dog fighting.”

This is not the first time that Simmons has spoken up against animal cruelty. In 2005, he joined the ASPCA and launched a national campaign to help raise awareness of and eliminate animal abuse and neglect. Simmons said, “There is nothing cool about being cruel to animals, they have no choice and no voice. Animal cruelty happens every day in America and people just sit by and do nothing.”

Kudos to you, Russell Simmons!

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08 November 2007

Dogs Get SAD Too

As autumn moves into winter, don't be surprised if your dog has less energy and generally seems a bit down on life; he could be suffering from Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD).

According to the PDSA, the UK's leading veterinary charity, 30% of dog owners questioned in a recent survey said that their dogs became less playful and seemed 'sadder' during the winter. In the same survey 40% of owners also thought that their dogs slept more frequently and for longer periods of time, and quite often lost all interest in walks.

SAD is a disorder many people suffer from in the winter months; it's believed that the lack of sunlight to the eye's retina increases the amount of melanin produced by the body. It's thought that a release of melanin into our bloodstream depresses our mood and makes us feel drowsy. Looking at our dogs in the same context, then it's not surprising they appear to show the symptoms of SAD during the winter months. Added to this, dogs pick up on our moods, so if we are affected by SAD our dogs are more likely to show the symptoms too.

If you find your dog is quieter during winter, keep an eye on the amount of food you are giving him - it's all too easy for inactive dogs to pile on the weight, so you may need to cut back on the rations. You could also try making exercise time more exciting to lift your dogs spirits - short, energetic games are more fun than long walks on cold, dark evenings. Try playing fetch with a favorite toy, or a game of frisbie. Games like that lift both your spirits and keep you warm!

[Source: DogTopic.com]

07 November 2007

Cheap Drive-Thru Rabies Shots for Pets

What do you usually get from a drive-thru? Coffee, late night fast-food, your prescription? What about your pet's rabies shots? That's exactly what pets were doing on Saturday afternoon at the Baptist School of Nursing.

The Humane Society of Saline County in Arkansas sponsored a drive-thru rabies event this past weekend. Instead of waiting at a vet’s office, dozens of dogs and cats got their rabies shots while waiting in the car. Not only was the rabies shot convenient for many pet owners, it only cost $10.

Veterinarian Kim Miller said many of the animals that received rabies shots would probably never have gotten the shot if this drive-thru service was not provided. At the vet, rabies shots can run as much as $65.

[Source: Today's THV]

Animal Cruelty Investigator Suspended After Rescuing a Dog

Three months ago, Tre Smith, an animal cruelty investigator for the Toronto Humane Society, saved a dog from an extremely hot car. After saving the dog’s life, Smith has been suspended for the past three months by the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Smith responded to a call where Cyrus, a Rottweiler, was stuck in a car during an intense heat wave. He broke the car window, and pulled out Cyrus to safety. Cyrus’ owner came out when he heard his car alarm go off. Smith said the man seemed to be dangerous and abusive and could be a potential threat to people around the scene.

Making a quick decision, Smith knew he had to get back to Cyrus and save his life, so he handcuffed the man to his car while he went to tend to the weak dog. While the man was handcuffed, bystanders threw objects at the man, and he was bleeding when officers took him away. After the incident, the Ontario SPCA suspended Smith’s license pending an internal review to see if Smith’s conduct of handcuffing the man was appropriate.

For the past three months, Smith has been “pushing paper” around while the Toronto Humane Society and OSPCA have been arguing over access to information, incident reports, decisions and disclosure. “The irony is that people who are caught and punished for animal cruelty get less time than what I’ve served,” Smith said. “The clear victims here are the animals of Toronto. By taking my license away, it’s one less officer on the road protecting animals from cruelty.”

Two weeks ago, Smith received a letter from OSPCA saying that they are “seriously considering” revoking his license. OSPCA CEO said that this was intended for Smith to present his side of the story to the organization. Toronto Humane Society spokesman Lee Oliver said, “Police said Tre didn’t do anything wrong and that it is his right to use handcuffs (as an investigator). The OSPCA then said his suspension was because Tre didn’t file (incident) papers on time.”

Despite the controversy, Smith did recently receive an award for saving Cyrus’ live from the International Positive Dog Training Association. For Cyrus, he has fully recovered from the incident, and he has moved in with a foster family who is asking for temporary custody. Since Cyrus is evidence in criminal proceedings, he cannot be legally adopted. But for now, he is enjoying his time with the family, getting three walks a day, and playing with his toys.

[Source: Itchmo.com]

06 November 2007

National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

This week is National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week. The Humane Society of the United States launched this week in 1996 to celebrate and promote animal shelters and increase public awareness of animal welfare issues and shelter services.

The Jefferson County Dog Shelter in New York sponsored an open house adoption event in celebration of National Animal Shelter Appreciation week and had a record breaking adoption day. The shelter has not had an open spot for an animal for six months. Workers at the shelter were surprised at the amazing results from the open house.

“I was so ecstatic. I got up at 7 a.m. this morning and got out there at 7:30 a.m.,” Jefferson County Dog Shelter Supervisor Todd Cummings said. “There was someone waiting here in line, believe it or not, waiting for a dog. By 10 o’clock there was about 35 people waiting in line to get into the building.” 15 dogs were adopted in the first two hours, and many more were adopted throughout the day. Last year, only seven dogs were adopted in total. Cumming said that some dogs have been waiting for homes since May and they finally have found a loving home after their long wait.

Here are some ways that you can show your appreciation for your local animal shelter:
* Adopt or foster an animal.
* Donate a pet bed.
* Volunteer.
* Say thank you or send a thank you note!

[Source: Itchmo.com]

Doctor Saves Dogs Across the Globe

Dr. Anteneh Roba, a Houston trauma care doctor, not only rescues humans, but he saves the lives of dogs also. Roba, who was born in Ethiopia, saves “cave dogs” in Ethiopia that would otherwise die.

The Gido Washa cave in Ethiopia has been used as a place to abandon unwanted dogs. Each month, many dogs have died in the cave until July when the Homeless Protection Society stepped in to save the last four dogs in the cave. But no one wanted to adopt the four rescued dogs, who had been named Haley, Tommy, Maria, and Hannah. Roba, who funded the rescue, then paid to bring the four dogs to Houston to look for new homes.

Roba wants to bring awareness to animal welfare, both in the U.S. and globally. He said, “That’s what I’m doing - that’s my responsibility. Someone has to take care of the animals. They have no voice. We’re their voice.”

The cave has since been sealed, and Roba is trying to raise money for the Homeless Animal Protection Society to spay and neuter the animals of Ethiopia. Haley, Tommy, Maria and Hannah have been put up for adoption. In the meantime, these four are the newest guests at a luxury pet hotel in the Houston area.

[Source: Itchmo.com]

05 November 2007

Pet Cancer Awareness Month

November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month, so I thought I'd give you some facts about cancer in dogs. As hard as it is to deal with or talk about the possibility of your dog having cancer, it's always best to be aware of the facts concerning canine cancer. If you have any concerns about the health of your dog, seek medical advice from your veterinarian asap.

* Dogs get cancer at the roughly the same rate as humans. Approximately 1 in 4 dogs will develop a tumor of some kind during his lifetime.

* Over half the dogs currently aged over 10 years old will die of cancer.

* Fifteen years ago there was virtually no pet oncology; now the level of dog cancer treatment is similar to human oncology. Available surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment is successful in treating many canine cancers.

* Early detection and effective treatment is essential to give your dog the best possible prognoses.

* Cancer treatment is expensive; seriously consider starting a pet insurance policy whilst your dog is healthy.

* On August 10th this year, an initiative was launched by the Morris Animal Foundation to eliminate cancer in the canine population in 20 years.

* Just like in humans, cancer can occur in virtually any part of your dog's body – for example the skin, gastrointestinal tract (stomach, bowels), kidney, bladder, blood, nervous system and bones. Also like in humans, each type of cancer is its own disease and will have its own treatment and prognosis.

[Source: DogTopics.com]

Diamond Encrusted MP3 Player for Dogs

JooZoo is an MP3 player for dogs that is encrusted with diamonds and 18 karat gold and is designed in a heart-shaped necklace. There is a speaker that plays automatically triggered sounds that correspond to various behaviors.

According to the company, the play system enhances your pet’s physical health and relieves stress through automatic content responding to various pet behaviors. For example, when you leave your pet at home alone or while your pet travels in a vehicle, the JooZoo encourages physical movement or increases blood flow rate by sound wave stimulation. A luxurious accessory type of remote control and the charger with sound speaker function are also included.

The downside? The device comes with a hefty price- between $1,500 and $2,000! I guess I won't be able to get my dog an MP3 player for Christmas this year. Oh well.

[Source: Itchmo.com]

02 November 2007

7 Tips for Buying a Dog House

Before you buy your dog a doghouse, take the time to consider her height/weight and the type of climate you live in. Here are 7 tips that will hopefully make buying a doghouse a little easier:

1. Wooden doghouses enhance the look of your backyard with their classic style and design, while plastic doghouses are easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free.

2. If you live in cold climates, insulated doghouses are a must. Position the doghouse so the door faces away from the wind and provide lots of soft, warm bedding to help keep your dog warm.

3. Doghouses with peaked roofs and weatherproof liners within the roof will keep your dog dry and warm during thunderstorms and showers.

4. A raised floor that is a few inches off the ground will increase airflow and keep the doghouse cooler in summer and warmer during the winter.

5. Keeping a doghouse clean on the inside will make your dog feel more comfortable and healthy. A doghouse that features a removable roof makes cleaning much easier.

6. For design harmony within your backyard, choose a style of doghouse that the wood, brick or stone exterior can be matched to the exterior of your own house.

7. Another doghouse feature that will make your dog feel more comfortable and warm is an off-center door. This prevents wind from blowing straight into the doghouse.

[Source: Dog.com]

01 November 2007

Pizza for Shelter Dogs

A Chicago pizzeria has been offering up some delicious dinners to homeless dogs at a local shelter.

Ted Lownik, a partime deliveryman at Barracco’s pizza, has been making special deliveries to the Animal Welfare League in Chicago since hearing about outbreaks of tainted pet food on the market. Instead of throwing away extra food in the garbage, Lownik has brought over 4.6 tons of beef, gravy, and pizza scraps to the shelter dogs. The Animal Welfare League was forced to destroy most of their stored food after many animals were killed by the tainted products. Now that's what I call good eating!