25 July 2007

What's for Dinner? Cold Hard Cash!

Our little guys are always getting into things, chewing and eating things that shouldn't be chewed or eaten. Inedible things, but you know, we've never had to go through their after-meal waste to fish anything out. Pepper Ann, an 8 year old Lab-German shorthair mix, ate something her owner had to fish out of her poop - cold hard cash, $800 worth. Eating non-food is not a first for Pepper Ann. She's munched on lipstick, ball point pens, Kleenex...she must have a unique palate to find those things tasty. But after Pepper Ann did her business, the owner saw pieces of money and decided to save it, rinse it, strain it and put the bills back together. They taped as much as they could together and were able to save over $700. Talk about working hard for your money.