22 January 2008

Animal Fair's Most Eligible Pets

Animal Fair magazine has a list of the most eligible pets in its latest issue, naming Miley Cyrus' dogs, Roadie and Loco, as the most eligible pets. And why are Roadie and Loco the most eligible? "They’re the only ones who can get tickets to the sold-out Hannah Montana tour," Animal Fair’s editor Wendy Diamond said.

The list was prompted by a lack of pets being represented in the media's frequent "Best" lists, Diamond revealed. "All the time we hear about the sexiest men alive, the best- and worst-dressed celebrities or the most beautiful people," the editrix explained. "What about the pets?"

Clawing their way onto the lineup are Glenn Close’s pooches Jake and Bill who stand beside medical innovator and two-time Time cover star Dr. Andrew Weil’s Rhodesian ridgebacks make the list for the pets who can boast the best diets. TV Judge David Young’s canine Maggie Youngstein nabbed a spot as did, French bulldog Rosco and German Sheppard Mabel, who belong to Notes From the Underbelly star Rachel Harris.

Rounding out the list are celebrity blogger Perez Hilton's mini Goldendoodle Teddy, Extra host A.J. Calloway's dog Banks, New York socialite Emma Snowdon-Jones' Schipperke Gibear, designer Colin Cowie's 20-year-old Cocker Spaniel Oscar, and a celebrity in his own right, Schmaltzy, the piano playing cat. Noticeably absent on the poll is Trouble Helmsley, recently deceased Leona Helmsley’s Maltese, who inherited $12 million from the hotel maven. That’s only due to the fact that, Diamond explained, “No one wanted to deal with his lawyers."

Next list we'd like to see is Best Dressed Pet!

[Source: PageSix.com]