11 April 2008

Vitamin Water for Dogs? Cola Maker Says Why Not

Remember when a full water bowl and a little dog food was all Fido needed? Now more companies are offering health food for pets, including vitamin-infused beverages. The maker of RC Cola, Cott Corp., is unveiling the latest beverage line for dogs. It's similar to the enhanced juices and drinks available for people.

The Wall Street Journal reports it's a sign that even lesser-known companies are trying to grab a share of the estimated $43.4 billion-a-year pet industry.

The company says Fortifido Water for Dogs comes in four flavors in both 1-liter and 2-liter sizes. The company is marketing one peanut-butter-flavored water fortified with calcium for healthy bones. Another fortified with zinc is for healthy skin and comes in a parsley flavor. The company is promoting a fresh breath variety enhanced with spearmint. The fourth variety, lemongrass flavored, has amino acids and minerals for healthy joints.

[Source: WTOP News]