09 June 2008

Spot the Dog -- from Space

Boris the dog is so big he can be seen from SPACE. The three-year-old bull mastiff tips the scales at a whopping 14 STONE (196 lbs)- and was tracked lazing in his garden by a Google Earth satellite. His huge brown body can clearly be seen stretched out in his favourite position.

The massive mastiff lives with the Milner family who run the Tudor Grange Hotel in Bournemouth, Dorset. They were stunned when they zoomed in on their property online and saw the brown blob in the garden.

Fran Milner, 24, whose parents Bob and Carol run the hotel, said: "My brother-in-law was on the internet one day when he decided to look at a satellite picture of our hotel. He zoomed in a little way and noticed a big brown blob on the grass in front of the sundial. Then he realised it was Boris. He was in his favourite place. He loves lying there because it is a bit of a suntrap. We all had a look and couldn’t believe it. I knew he was big but didn’t think he was big enough to be seen from space."

The satellites used to take the Google Earth images operate at an orbit of between 300 and 450 miles up in space.

The Milners have owned Boris since he was eight-weeks-old. The average size of a bull mastiff is nine stone (126 lbs) but they suspected he would be on the large size as his dad was also enormous. Fran said the fact he regularly wolfs down a full English breakfast could have something to do with it too. He has also suffered problems with his cruciate ligaments which prevents him from walking long distances to exercise.

Fran said: "From the day we got him he just kept growing and growing. Luckily though he appears to have stopped and shouldn’t get any bigger."

She added: "Boris gets on brilliantly with our guests because he is so gentle and beautiful. They all want a picture with him - he’s probably the most photographed dog in Bournemouth."

[Source: The Sun]