12 February 2009

Dog on House Roof

In the course of a normal day, the Minot Police Department receives several calls about dogs doing normal dog things getting loose and running around the neighborhood, digging in the garbage or just plain barking.

However, there wasn't much normal about the call that Dick Schnell, animal control officer at the department, handled Tuesday morning. A caller reported this handsome fellow was doing not only the aforementioned normal things, but climbing on the roof as well. "Just when you think you've seen it all," Schnell laughed later Tuesday.

Apparently, the snow in the back yard is high enough to where the dog can basically walk right up onto the roof, Schnell said.

The dog seemed perfectly content on the roof of its home, in the 1300 block of 25th Place in northwest Minot. He eventually came down to the lower level of the roof to snack on some treats Schnell tossed up to try and tempt the dog into coming down, but that's as far as the dog went.

The dog's owner was summoned, who eventually returned home and got the dog off the roof.

[Source: Minot Daily News]