11 May 2009

Paula Abdul Celebrates National Guide Dog Month

American Idol singer Scott MacIntyre received an incredible gift from Paula Abdul, as she presented him with a guide dog in honor of May being National Guide Dog Month. Paula, Natural Balance Pet Foods, Petco and independent pet stores nationwide are teaming to raise funds and awareness for guide dogs, with over 2 million dollars to be raised during May.

An emotional MacIntyre was both thrilled and surprised to learn he would receive a guide dog. He had been told he was at the ceremony to perform, but instead, Paula informed him that he would be receiving a dog after his upcoming tour. Many people openly wept during the ceremony.

"Being part of this important cause is truly special and very close to my heart,” said Paula Abdul. “Most people have no idea how much time and money it takes to train these beautiful animals to give such a precious gift to those who need it most. It can take more than two years and $40,000 to properly train a guide dog. Together, we can help guide dog schools provide more of these life-changing partners to people who are blind.”

[Source: PR.com]