24 August 2009

Oscar Newman Goes Nuts For Coconuts!

One of the coolest things about Pet Fashion Week this year was the fact that we got to catch up with our friends over at Oscar Newman Not only are these girls goddesses of all things stylish and sparkly, they also know quite a bit about pet care. Enter their new line: CocoTherapy.

CocoTherapy is Oscar Newman's new lifestyle brand, centering around the idea that coconuts are a miracle food for both two-leggers and four-leggers. The line currently contains 2 products: An organic virgin coconut oil, and some organic coconut chips that I'm currently munching on and really enjoying.

Coconut has long been associated with reducing allergic reactions, strengthening the immune system, and improving digestion. It's also a significant source of antioxidants.

Oscar Newman credits coconut with clearing up their Yorkie's allergies and increasing their cat's kidney function. After experiencing the benefits for themselves, they began distributing the chips and oil to friends who complained of a pet with a dry coat or allergies. What started out as a love for a product became a mission-of-love to share the oil and chips with other pets as well.

If health tastes this good, I'm all for it. Now, I wonder how some of these coconut chips would work on top of my regular Monday night Pina Colada?

Learn more about CocoTherapy here: Cocotherapy.com.