27 September 2007

Some Noteworthy Dogs in History

You might be surprised to find that there have been quite a few famous and noteworthy dogs over the years. Below is a list of some of the most memorable dogs in history. Who knows, maybe someday your own dog will make it into the pages of history, too.

DANI: the therapy dog who, along with her owner, joined the staff of Cedars-Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center. Her weekly visits warmed the patients hearts, as well as raised their confidence and comfort level. Dani has appeared on ABC News 20/20, Animals Are People, Too, Animal Planet, and the PBS Series Dogs With Jobs.

LAIKA: The first dog in space. Laika was aboard the Soviet Satellite Sputnik 2 in 1957. Unfortunately, Laika died 5-7 hours into the flight, yet her great courage and composure hurled her into the history books and the hearts of the people she left back on Earth.

LASSIE: Any of a line of popular collies in movies and in television series. The first Lassie starred in the 1942 movie 'Lassie Come Home'.

LE DIABLE: A notorious French dog that smuggled lace and other costly items across the French border under a false skin dyed various colors by its owners to baffle the customs guards.
RIN TIN TIN: A German shepherd who ranked as one of the all-time famous canine movie stars. "Rinty" was in 19 movies before his death in 1932.

RIVA and SALTY: Riva and Salty were two guide dogs who saved their owner's lives just before the World Trade Center collapsed, on September 11, 2001. Riva and Salty guided their blind owners, Mr Roselle and Mr. Hingson down the crowded, smoke filled stairs from the 71st floor and were later honored for their bravery.

SAUR or SUENING: A dog that was "king" of Norway for three years during the 11th century AD. The Norwegian king, angry that his subjects once deposed him, put Saur on the throne and demanded that he be treated regally. Three years passed where Saur routinely signed decrees with paw-prints!

SOTER: One of 50 watchdogs of ancient Greece that alone survived attack by invaders and ran to the gates of Corinth to warn the citizens.

TOBY: In 1932, the American millionairess, Ella Wendal left a record legacy of 75 million dollars in her will to her standard Poodle called Toby, making him the richest dog in the world to date.