14 September 2007

Tips for Feeding Your Dog

Here are a few tips on feeding your hungry doggie:

Food Tips:
1. Normal adult dogs need about 10% of calories from protein, though vegetarian diets are fine for many dogs.
2. Dogs eat less often than cats, but consume larger meals. Adult dogs can be fed 1 to 2 times daily; puppies need 2 to 3 daily meals.
3. Overweight dogs can be helped by providing smaller portions during regular feeding schedules, giving them less tasty food and avoiding table scraps.
4. Fresh water should be available at all times, especially during exercise.

Weight Guide for Normal Weight:
1. Has a thin covering of fat on ribs.
2. Shows a distinct waistline waist, behind the ribs, from above.

Overweight Signs:
1. Ribs cannot be felt.
2. Shows fat deposits on the back or the base of the tail.
3. Does not show a waistline from above.

Underweight Signs:
1. Ribs can easily be seen.
2. Fat cannot be felt on its bones.

Hope these tips help you! :)