21 March 2008

Bestselling Album Makes Dog 'Happy'

Move over Christina Aguilera: One of the bestselling albums for dogs, “Songs to Make Dogs Happy,” has been a steady seller since its 2005 release.

The CD, produced by the Laurel Canyon Animal Co., was created following research on sounds and lyrics dogs would enjoy, says musician Skip Haynes, who co-produced the album with business partner Dana Walden, in an interview with the Carol County Times (Md.). Two things you won’t find on the album: the word “No” (long unpopular with dogs) and percussion instruments (too jarring for canine ears).

Focus groups involving 200 dogs shook loose the final lineup, which includes tracks like “You’re a Good Dog,” “Scratch My Back,” and “Cookies.” The biggest hit, Haynes says, is “Squeaky Deaky!” featuring the sounds of a squeak toy. Sample lyric: “Rolling on the ground/I love that squeaky sound.”

Haynes, who has also produced an album for cats, says he and Walden had a simple goal when they set out to record the album. “We just wanted to throw a party,” he says.

[Source: DogChannel.com]