27 March 2008

The Original 13th Annual Ugly Dog Contest

It wasn't a dachshund or a bulldog, no, this year, the winner may not surprise many. San Diego crowned its "ugliest dog" Sunday during the 13th annual "Ugly Dog Contest."

Some say these four-legged furballs are so ugly, they're cute, but only one dog can walk away the ugliest. Victoria, an Italian greyhound, won the contest for the second year in a row.

Pet owners could also enter their more comely canines in other categories
including "Cutest Dog," "Best St. Patrick's Day Costume" and "Best Trick." The competition benefited a therapeutic riding program at the Helen Woodward Animal Center and the Rancho Coastal Humane Center.

There's also the World's Ugliest Dog Contest held in Sonoma-Marin in June. But, really, is there a need for more than 1 ugly dog competition?

[Source: WTLX.com]