25 September 2008

Celebrate National Dog Week (9/24 - 9/30)

Did you know the last week of September (9/24 - 9/30) is National Dog Week? Captain Will Judy started this holiday in 1928. She was the publisher and editor of Dog World magazine. The basic purpose of this week is to promote anything pro-dog. Here’s how to do it:

1) Donate to charity. Do it by volunteering time at your local ASPCA or buying items from groups who raise money for dog shelters like Lulu and Lolly.

2) Host a dog party. Invite all of your neighbors over and let your dogs play in the back yard. Offer snacks and drinks. Then, set aside time for your guests to explain why his or her dog is special.

3) Lobby for a bill. Write your senator about one in your area. Get started with The Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act. It limit’s the use of antibiotics on livestock to therapeutic purposes.

4) Rescue a lost dog. Make sure he’s from a shelter and really needs a home. Then, give him all of your love.

5) Patronize a business. Petco along with other dog businesses need your support in order to survive these hard economic times. So keep their doors open by purchasing items from them. Make sure they remain profitable.

6) Play with your dog. Set aside some one-on-one time just for him. Make it a quiet celebration between the two of you.

These are just a few ideas of how to celebrate National Dog Week. Keep them in mind and help promote this holiday.

[Source: The Examiner]