24 September 2008

Halloween Tips for Your Pet

Given that Halloween is overtaking Christmas as the holiday-you’re-most-likely-to-be-sick-of-by-the-time-it-actually-arrives, you’ll want to have some chatter stats ready for those weekend costume parties.

* If you decide to dress your pet, make sure the costume doesn’t restrain it in any way and that your pet’s vision is not impaired, says Fucini Productions, which represents Pet Supplies “Plus.”

* Watch for choking hazards or pieces of the costume that might get caught on a fence or bush as you walk.

* Make sure your pet is wearing an ID tag.

* If you need to walk the dog Halloween night, go before trick-or-treaters are out. Some of their costumes might disturb your pet.

* Don’t offer chocolate, which can be poisonous to your pet, or anything other than pet-safe treats.

* And when it comes to costuming, don’t force the issue. If Rover doesn’t want to be a pirate, Rover shouldn’t be a pirate. He’s probably better off at home, anyway, not having to deal with oncoming ghosties.

* If you have a black cat, keep it inside. This is not an urban legend; black cats are more likely to “fall victim to malicious pranks,” as Fucini puts it, this time of year.

[Source: Inside NoVA.com]