03 October 2008

Best Friends Animal Society Offers to Help Obama Family Find A Shelter Dog

Dog lovers across the United States know Best Friends Animal Society which operates the nation's largest facility for homeless, companion animals including hundreds of dogs. And with the news that the Barack Obama and his family plan to adopt a dog from a shelter, Best Friends wants to help.

"Whether it's a mutt or a special breed on their list, we can tap our vast network of shelters and rescuers around the country to help match the Obamas with just the right dog," said Julie Castle, director of community programs for Best Friends, a place where approximately 600 dogs (and 1,400 other animals) call home. "Mixed breeds, pure breds, young, old, big, small, long-hair, short-hair, black, brown, white or any color in between--we can help the Obamas locate the perfect dog for their home."

Dogs at Best Friends live in "DogTown," the subject of a national television series airing on the National Geographic Channel. It is also home to 22 of the pit bulls from the Michael Vick dog fighting case, a subject covered in a DogTown episode in early September.

Best Friends created buzz around the Obamas' search for a dog in mid-July when it launched the web site, Obamafamilydog.com. In a matter of 24 hours approximately 20,000 dog lovers had signed a petition urging the Obamas to adopt from a shelter. The petition was capped at 50,000 in just a couple of weeks.

"We were trying to send a loud, clear message that adoption is the best option," Castle said. "We're so happy that the Obamas have decided to adopt rather than purchase a pet. Best Friends is the home of second chances, and adoption is so much a part of what we do that we are delighted to help in any way possible."

[Source: PR Web]