20 October 2008

"Beverly Hills Chihuahua" Stars Urge Adoption

While rescue groups and shelters brace themselves for the expected "buyers demand" for Chihuahuas due to the Disney film "Beverly Hills Chihuahua", the stars of this movie are speaking out on behalf of the little dogs locked in puppy mills and pet stores.

Actresses Jamie Lee Curtis, Loretta Devine and Ali Hillis, are unabashed in their support of adopting rescued dogs. In Best Friends Animal Society's viral public service announcement they enthusiastically urge people to break the puppy mill cycle and adopt, rather than buy from pet stores supplied by puppy mills. Child stars Madeline Carroll and Sage Ryan Campbell also add their voices, and national TV news personality Jane Velez-Mitchell is the PSA's narrator. Even the dog star, Papi, who was himself rescued at a Moreno Valley shelter "speaks," imploring people to not "buy my family."

[Source: HappyNews.Com]