03 November 2008

Subway-Inspired Dog Fashion

If you live in New York City long enough, you'll eventually develop a bizarre sense of pride for the subway line you ride most often. You might love it, you might love to hate it, or you might develop complex theories about how it is faster or slower or warmer or colder or has more mariachi band invasions than the other subway lines. But if you want to really solidify your identity as an F train rider/A train survivor/remember when the 1 train was the 9 train-er, you've simply got to check out this new line of MTA licensed gear for dogs.

Brightly colored and richly embroidered, durable nylon leads and collars along with doggie T-Shirts and hoodies sporting subway line and station symbols are a stand out in any crowd. Definitely a conversation starter!

Check out the full collection at The Transit Museum Store