11 November 2008

Why Your Dog May Be Your Answer to the Recession

As stress levels rise and spending power diminishes in today’s tough economic times, dog owners are finding that when the going gets tough, the tough... go play with their dogs. While there’s no denying that dogs come with fixed costs ranging from food to vet care, your dog can also be your best friend during an economic downturn. Here are nine ways Rover just might be your answer to the recession:

1. He’s a Good Reason to Stay Home. Staying home—rather then heading out and spending money—is never more appealing than when there’s a four-legged friend waiting for you.

2. He’s a Great Exercise Partner. Need to save money by cutting back on a fitness club membership? No problem. You’ll never have a more dedicated personal trainer you’re your dog who will remind you — and remind you, and remind you — that it is time to get out and exercise.

3. He Loves Day Trips. Can’t afford that week at a Caribbean resort? Fido’s happy you’re staying home and considering taking him on a day trip to the lake or local park.

4. He Doesn’t Mind Cutbacks. OK, you might not want to opt for a home haircut yourself, but your dog doesn’t mind if you cut out the groomer and just give him a trim yourself.

5. He’s Happy with Used Items. Do the kids want the latest toys in the stores? You won’t have that same pressure from your dog. He’s happy with used toys from garage sales and thrift stores, perfect for playing fetch or romping around the yard.

6. He’s a Great Stress Reliever. Economic problems cause stress, there’s no doubt about it. But it’s a proven fact that dogs are an excellent stress reliever and also do wonders to lower high blood pressure.

7. He’ll Help You Get Out and About. Whether you’ve lost your job and no longer see your usual crowd of people or you’ve just cut back on social events, economic difficulties can mean less social interaction. Your dog, by encouraging you to get out and walk or to play in dog parks, helps you to interact with people with similar interests.

8. He Knows You Are King. A beleaguered bank account or a pink slip can leave you feeling worthless. All you have to do, though, is look in your dog’s eyes and you know that you’re the best there is.

9. He Knows the Best Things in Life are Free. Your dog values your companionship more than anything in the world. Money doesn’t mean a thing to him but you do. There’s no greater gift you can give your dog than your own time.

[Source: Dogtipper.com]