13 November 2009

Jack Osbourne Picks Up The Tab For Indiana's New K-9 Cop Dog

The K-9 police dog purchased by heavy metal rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his son, Jack, made his way to Muncie, Indiana last week to spend time with his partner, Muncie Police Sgt. Jay Turner, and train on the streets of Muncie.

"Jack and Ozzy sure came through for the department," Turner said. "The Osbourne family, they donated the money for the dog without even thinking about it, they just did it, which was very nice."

Turner received two checks in the mail just a few weeks ago. Both Ozzy and Jack gave the same amount: $4,500.

Jack Osbourne became a good friend to Muncie police after he spent time in the city as a reserve officer during the filming of the CBS reality television series Armed in Famous in 2006. He's kept in touch with other officers and earlier this year convinced his father to help buy the department a police dog to replace an aging K-9 officer.

"Obviously with all the cuts in the city, (getting a new dog) is something that hasn't been on a front burner for us," Police Chief Deb Davis said. "When I found out that Ozzy and Jack had agreed to pick up the tab I was a little surprised...it's kind of neat."

Naturally, they named the dog Ozzy.

[Source: The Star Press]