07 December 2009

Animal Planet Goes to the Dogs

Saturday nights on AP are canine heaven with a new season of 'Underdog to Wonderdog" and "It's Me Or The Dog" beginning Saturday, January 2, at 8 PM (ET/PT).

Each Saturday, viewers can catch these back-to-back series as they change the lives of dogs and their owners forever. In "Underdog", the Wonder Team rescues the most unlikely of shelter dogs to turn them into well groomed and trained pets for their forever homes.

Then, renowned dog trainer Victoria Stilwell works miracles with families, who are at their wits end with their dogs’ horrific behavior. Without yelling or raising a hand, Victoria helps owners take back their homes and lives from their canines using positive training techniques.

“Underdog To Wonderdog and It's Me Or The Dog are literally transformative television,” says Marjorie Kaplan, president and general manager. “These series have proven themselves to be entertaining pet programs, but more than that, they teach an important lesson. No situation is hopeless—every person and animal deserves a second chance. It’s that message that makes these each episode so powerful.”

At 8 PM (ET/PT) on Underdog, the Wonder Team takes their dramatic canine rescues to a new level. Led by rescue coordinator Ryan Smith, the team invests themselves into the rescue and rehabilitation of shelter dogs as they attempt to match them with the perfect family.

Smith is joined by professional dog trainer and author Andrea Arden; grooming and styling extraordinaire Ali McLennan; and the show’s canine carpenter, David Leon, who builds dream homes for the lucky new adoptees. Together, the team helps the dogs and their expectant families through each essential step of the transformation—from the initial rescue to the training and finally, the introduction into the family.

Then, at 9 PM (ET/PT), Victoria helps families overcome mind-boggling bad behavior, including a Pekingese named Princess, who has a history of vicious attacks against dogs and children, and an anxious Shepherd-mix named Sylvester, who gets out his energy by chewing all the furniture.

[Source: Monsters & Critics]