04 December 2009

Katherine Heigl Saves Chihuahuas!

Thanks in part to Katherine Heigl, star of Grey's Anatomy, 25 Chihuahuas have a chance at a new life. According to People Pets, the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, founded in honor of Heigl’s deceased brother and run by Heigl's mother, kindly helped fund the flight for the Chihuahuas from Los Angeles to New England.

Now that the Chihuahuas are with the Humane Society for Greater Nashua of New Hampshire (HSFN), they have a chance at finding new homes. They are all going to be seen by a veterinarian today and placed for adoption on Saturday. A representative for the HSFN reportedly told People Pets that the response has been phenomenal. They have received over 40 voicemails inquiring about the Chihuahuas so hopefully all 25 dogs will find loving, responsible owners in no time.

[Source: The Examiner]