15 December 2008

Biden Beats Obama in Fulfilling Pooch Promise

President-elect Barack Obama promised his two daughters a puppy if he won the White House, but Malia and Sasha Obama weren't the only ones promised a dog. Last week, Vice President-elect Joe Biden got a puppy of his own, making good on his wife Jill's agreement that he could get a dog if the Democrats won.

On an Election Day flight from Richmond to Chicago in the early afternoon, Biden was too superstitious to talk about what kind of dog he might end up getting. "I don't know what kind I'm going to get yet," he said. "But we're not there yet. The deal is not closed yet."

Jill made the promise to her husband when he was being vetted by the Obama team this summer, when he was still weighing whether he wanted to join the Democratic ticket. "Take the vice presidency and get elected, you'll get a dog," Biden recalled his wife telling him.

The Daily Local News (Chester County, Del.) reported that Biden picked out a 3-month-old German shepherd puppy last week. The veep's selection comes as no surprise. The Delaware lawmaker has owned German shepherds in the past and is a known fan of big dogs.

The Daily Local News reports that Biden's granddaughters will get to name the puppy. Two of Biden's granddaughters, Finnegan and Natalie, joined him during the improptu press availabilty on the Richmond-Chicago flight.

[Source: abcNews.com]