02 December 2008

Face of Jesus Appears in Dog Door

A miracle-making doggie door is growing in value as shoppers are outbidding each other online. Two years ago, Roger Bowman spotted an image of Jesus on a doggie door. It was posted last week on eBay with a starting bid of $990.

Two job layoffs and the housing market crash put Bowman's family in an economic hole, the family said last week. They were hoping that their "gift from above" will pull them out. After telling his story on November 28, Bowman reports that the bidding as of Monday was up to $1,185. "I think it created a calm and happiness in our house and that's a miracle," says Bowman.

Before the sighting, two unruly dogs ran the house. Bowman planned on getting rid of them, putting one to sleep. Once he saw the imagine, things changed. Some are calling the change a "divine intervention."

"I believe it was divinely created. It's too much of a coincidence," says Bowman. "The dogs created the image that saved their lives." Bowman's 12-year-old son says the door creates all kinds of miracles from making his family happier to fixing things.

"Our ice machine was broken for a long time and it wasn't working yesterday, but then today there is ice," says son Sean Vasquez. "I guess it's the miracle of Jesus." Now, Bowman hopes the divine doggie door will perform one more miracle and help his family get through the tough times. Bidding for the doggie door started on Tuesday and will end on December 5th. For more the complete story of the divine doggie door, check out ebay.com

[Source: KESQ.com]