10 December 2008

'Wendy and Lucy' to Open Today

In 'Wendy and Lucy,' opening today at Manhattan's Film Forum, Wendy (played by Michelle Williams), is a down-on-her-luck girl who's heading to Alaska to work in a fishing cannery and start a new life with her dog Lucy. When Wendy's car breaks down in Oregon and she gets thrown in jail for stealing dog food, Lucy - who is tied up outside - is left behind.

It's every dog lover's worst nightmare, and Wendy's desperation to find her best friend is palpable: She scours the streets, hangs flyers, checks the local animal shelter, and sleeps in the woods hoping Lucy will find her.

Lucy is the real-life pooch and constant companion of the film's director Kelly Reichardt, who lives in Astoria, Queens, and rescued the retriever mix from a Brooklyn shelter.

This film is a poignant reminder of how much we rely on our animals - and they on us.

[Source: NY Daily News]