27 March 2009

In Missouri, Puppy Mill Dogs Go Up For Adoption

150 rescued dogs and puppies are in high demand. The Humane Society of Missouri held an open house Thursday to show the animals to prospective owners. The dogs, many pure bred, are part of a group of 200 removed from a substandard puppy mill in Newton County last month.

Hundreds of people crowded into the Humane Society building on Macklind in West St. Louis City oohing and ahhing over the dogs. The potential pets range in age from two months to ten years. "They all look so sad and that they need a home," said Cori Thompson of Florissant who was looking for a "little family friend" for her two sons. "I'd like something that's a little smart and a little compact," she said. Many of the dogs recovered from the breeding operation in southwest Missouri near the Oklahoma border are small breeds like Chihuahuas, miniature Pinschers and Pomeranians. A total of 19 breeds are available.

First time owners are less likely to receive one of the dogs. "Owners need to be very committed and have a little extra patience," said Cyndi Nason adoption centers director for the Humane Society of Missouri. The dogs will be harder to house train she predicted because they have lived in filthy pens most of their lives. "People need to know some may never be perfectly housebroken." The dogs also could take a long time to overcome shyness. "The dogs just have not been socialized properly," Nason explained.

But those warnings did not deter Melvin Hubbard of St. Charles as he eyed a chocolate Cocker Spaniel named Serena. "I'll just take her and give her the love she deserves," he said.

For more information, and the view the pups online, head on over to The Humane Society.

[Source: cw11tv.com]