09 March 2009

Meet Rhode Island's Ugliest Dog (In a Cute Way)

We all admire the beautiful, nearly perfect "show" dog. But, what about the "ugliest" canines out there? A Rhode Island pooch is in the running to become the world's ugliest dog!

He's fifteen hairless pounds of love and energy. Squiggy, a Japanese Chin and Chinese Crested mix lives with his owners in Exeter. But, he is making a name for himself across the country, known as one of the world's ugliest dogs!

"I've always wanted a Chinese Crested. They are just comical looking dogs," said Jean Cotton, Squiggy's owner.

He's comical and unusual for sure. Squiggy only has small tufts of fur on his little paws, and a cute little white mohawk on his head. Squiggy has lost a few teeth, which is common for his breed, so his tongue is always sticking out! And that's not all.

Engladers get confused easily when they meet this dog on his walks in Wickford. "Somebody thought it was a monkey. And one day a state trooper went by, rolled down the window and thought it was a squirrel," said Cotton.

Dont' tell that to Squiggy. He's just happy being known as one of the world's ugliest dogs. There's an annual competition in California for the ugliest crown. And in 2008, Squiggy came in third place in the on-line division. His owner is hoping for an even stronger showing, this year.

To read more about Squiggy and watch a video detailing his adorably ugly self, head on over to Wpri.com