18 March 2009

Martha Stewart Launches Pet Website

Martha Stewart shares her passion, knowledge and love about pets in a recently launched website co-sponsored by the Purina Company. The site offers readers ways to pamper their furry friends and has a resource page about animal shelters where homeless pets can be adopted.

Martha Stewart Pets offers tips and advice such as how to make printable adoption announcement cards for the new bundle of fur in your family or how to create a homemade feather cat toy.

There is also a newsletter called the Daily Wag which is written from the perspective of Stewart’s adorable French bulldogs, named Francesca and Sharkey.

The fun website offers photo contests and contests with great prizes like the one going on now which will send the winner and a friend to the ASPCA Presidential Service Awards dinner in New York City. The lucky winner gets to sit at Stewart’s private table.

And this week on the Martha Stewart TV show, Stewart will air a very special episode called The Dog Show. The show highlights wonderful dogs that were once homeless and their great new lives. It will today, March 18th.

Stewart has repeatedly shown her devotion for the animals in her life and the welfare of pets overall. We wish her good fortune with her new pet projects.

[Source: Examiner.com]