29 January 2010

Blind Dogs Vision Restored!

It wasn't the cameras and reporters hovering around Lis Feeney that made her nervous today as she waited to be reunited with her 12-year-old dog, Bobo.

Instead, she joked, she feared the cataract surgery performed at Angell Animal Medical Center that returned Bobo's eyesight would make her unrecognizable to the dog she first got as a puppy.

"I was a brunette the last time he saw me,'' said the now-blonde Feeney.

The Chinese Crested dog was escorted to Feeney by Dr. Martin Coster, the ophthalmic veterinary surgeon who performed the cataract surgery this week. Feeney hugged and nuzzled the dog who went blind about 2½ years ago as a result of developing diabetes.

You are beautiful, you are beautiful,'' Feeney told Bobo. "Let me see those big brown eyes!''

Feeney planned to return to their home in Foxborough today and after a period of convalescence, let Bobo do what he loves best: chase squirrels in their backyard.

Coster said cost for the surgery ranges from $4,000 to $6,000 at Angell and that he does not expect that the successful cataract operation will extend Bobo's life. He was certain, however, that the dog will benefit.

"I think it will add to his quality of life,'' Coster said.

[Source: BOSTON.COM]