25 January 2010

Rescue Dog Brings Hope, Saves Lives!

A fire and rescue service dog handler has praised the work of his partner following their mission to Haiti following the earthquake. Search dog Echo was part of the Greater Manchester team which has been helping in the country after it was devastated nearly two weeks ago.

Mick Dewer, who is based in Kearsley is back, but Echo has to stay in quarantine for six months. He said Echo gave people hope that something could be done. Provided comfort.

"It's really good to be back, but it's tinged with sadness as I've left behind my work partner and best friend," he said.

"Echo worked really hard, but his benefit wasn't just in searching, he also brought home to the families of people we were searching for, that bit of hope that something can be done."

He said the children stroked the dog which he thought would have provided some comfort to them. He added he was looking forward to some decent food and sleep, but it was "quite hard coming home knowing people in Haiti were starving and things here were back to normal".

Mr Dewar was part of a group of firefighters from Lancashire and Greater Manchester which took part in a rescue mission. They returned home on Saturday to be reunited with their families and colleagues. While in Haiti they successfully rescued a two-year-old girl from her collapsed kindergarten school.

[Source: BBC NEWS]