19 January 2010

Puppy Cam! Famous Dog Has New Litter

Doggonit, they're back!

Tens of thousands of dog lovers were glued to the tube Monday as a puppy cam captured every move of a California shiba inu and her new brood.

The San Francisco pooch named Kika became a canine Web celeb in 2008 when a total of 3 million Internet users clicked in to watch her care for her puppies.

The live video feed went viral and puppy fans from 74 countries spent a total of 1.2million hours watching as the mother dog groomed and fed her babies.

More than 100,000 were watching last night on ustream.tv/SFShiba as the cute mom nursed a litter of five puppies, which were born Saturday.

This time there were three males and two females - the last litter was equally split with three of each sex.

The tiny pups squirmed in a doggie bed and battled to nuzzle up close to their mom.

Two of the newborns were snoozing late last night.