12 November 2007

Hip Hop Mogul Speaks Out Against Dog Fighting

Russell Simmons, a hip-hop mogul and co-founder of Atlanta-based hip-hop label Def Jam Records, is speaking out against dog fighting. He recently shot a public service announcement for the Humane Society of the United States and the BeKIND Foundation.

The public service announcements will run on YouTube and on the organizations’ websites starting Tuesday. The ads feature a muzzled dog being thrown into a fighting ring, and Simmons saying, “There is nothing slick, cool or glamorous about dog fighting.”

This is not the first time that Simmons has spoken up against animal cruelty. In 2005, he joined the ASPCA and launched a national campaign to help raise awareness of and eliminate animal abuse and neglect. Simmons said, “There is nothing cool about being cruel to animals, they have no choice and no voice. Animal cruelty happens every day in America and people just sit by and do nothing.”

Kudos to you, Russell Simmons!

[Source: Itchmo.com]