07 November 2007

Cheap Drive-Thru Rabies Shots for Pets

What do you usually get from a drive-thru? Coffee, late night fast-food, your prescription? What about your pet's rabies shots? That's exactly what pets were doing on Saturday afternoon at the Baptist School of Nursing.

The Humane Society of Saline County in Arkansas sponsored a drive-thru rabies event this past weekend. Instead of waiting at a vet’s office, dozens of dogs and cats got their rabies shots while waiting in the car. Not only was the rabies shot convenient for many pet owners, it only cost $10.

Veterinarian Kim Miller said many of the animals that received rabies shots would probably never have gotten the shot if this drive-thru service was not provided. At the vet, rabies shots can run as much as $65.

[Source: Today's THV]