02 November 2007

7 Tips for Buying a Dog House

Before you buy your dog a doghouse, take the time to consider her height/weight and the type of climate you live in. Here are 7 tips that will hopefully make buying a doghouse a little easier:

1. Wooden doghouses enhance the look of your backyard with their classic style and design, while plastic doghouses are easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free.

2. If you live in cold climates, insulated doghouses are a must. Position the doghouse so the door faces away from the wind and provide lots of soft, warm bedding to help keep your dog warm.

3. Doghouses with peaked roofs and weatherproof liners within the roof will keep your dog dry and warm during thunderstorms and showers.

4. A raised floor that is a few inches off the ground will increase airflow and keep the doghouse cooler in summer and warmer during the winter.

5. Keeping a doghouse clean on the inside will make your dog feel more comfortable and healthy. A doghouse that features a removable roof makes cleaning much easier.

6. For design harmony within your backyard, choose a style of doghouse that the wood, brick or stone exterior can be matched to the exterior of your own house.

7. Another doghouse feature that will make your dog feel more comfortable and warm is an off-center door. This prevents wind from blowing straight into the doghouse.

[Source: Dog.com]