15 November 2007

Abandoned Dog Becomes Inspiration to Others

More than two years ago, when Duane Hodges found Dobie, a stray black Labrador puppy, who was severely injured, he had a right-hip fracture and a break in his right leg.

According to a veterinarian, Dobie was believed to have been thrown from an upper level of a parking garage, based on his injuries. Duane Hodges works near the St. Louis Park, Minn. parking garage where Dobie was found injured. He believes the intent was to end the dog's life, and he is angry about it. After Hodges went to visit Dobie at a clinic he said that Dobie ran to him and that it broke his heart.

After that, Hodges decided to pay the $5,000 cost of surgery and underwater treadmill therapy Dobie would need to get better. Hodges explained that he didn't even think twice about the cost, because he's a dog lover and his heart went out to Dobie. The surgery was a success. Now, more than 2 years later, Dobie has been adopted into a loving home. His owner said, “There are no hip joints there so when you see him go down the hall there’s not hips but he does really well.”

Dobie uses his disability to help people with severe disabilities. This therapy dog has been visiting Phoenix Alternatives every week for the past three months. He brings a smile to those that can’t speak, walk or use their hands. One man, who can’t speak, uses a device to speak and play with Dobie. A recording goes off that says, “Dobie, sit, good dog.”

“There were a lot of people that really gave a lot of encouragement, a lot of help in getting him here and it’s just a way to thank them is to let him help someone else. That’s what he loves doing,” said his owner.

[Source: Itchmo.com and WCCO]