26 November 2007

Puppy Mill Action Week

The Humane Society of the United States has announced the week of November 25 - December 1 to be Puppy Mill Action Week.

The purpose of this week is to encourage people not to buy puppies from a pet store or over the Internet, which often get their puppies from puppy mills, and to inform the public that they can help put an end to puppy mills.

Stephanie Shain, director of The HSUS’ Stop Puppy Mills campaign, said, “People think they are rescuing a dog from a pet store, when that purchase is only making room for hundreds more puppy mill dogs to be bred and sold. The public should be concerned not only with that one puppy in the window, but also for the mistreated breeding dogs caged for years back at the puppy mill. Because people buy the puppies, these dogs will spend their lifetime confined, churning out puppies.”

Numerous celebrities are also in support of Puppy Mill Action Week including: Nathan Lane, Patricia Arquette, Kelly Ripa, Molly Shannon and others. For more information and to sign a pledge to stop puppy mills, go here

[Source: Itchmo.com]