10 December 2007

Boy Donates Birthday Money to Therapy Dog Program

Instead of asking for gifts for his birthday, Colby Jarvis asked for donations for VCU Medical Center's Therapy Dog Program, which has about 30 therapy dogs. After meeting Bama, a member of the program, and learning how much the program helps people, including other children, he decided he would donate his birthday money - $177, to the program.

“I really wanted to help some dogs,” Colby said. “I like to take care of dogs and I really love dogs.” Colby has his own dog at home named Briar. Colby's father, Scott Jarvis, said, “I’m extremely proud. He did this all on his own, and I think he’s always had a really giving spirit. All three kids have already, but this was just something really extraordinary for him, and we’re really impressed, really proud.”

We could all learn a valuable lesson from Colby. Way to go!

[Source: NBC12]