14 December 2007

Lost Cat Found After 7 Years

Once in a while, a “lost cat returns” story comes along that is just too unbelievable to be true. This would be one of those - if the cat in question wasn’t still wearing the same collar she’d been wearing when she disappeared seven years ago.

Found less than two miles from her original home in Greenacres, Washington, Sarah seemed mostly herself, though she was missing a bit of an ear and was a little skittish around her food, as if half expecting someone to come along and snatch it away at any moment. Local animal folks are quick to point out that this is one good reason you should have your pets licensed. If Sarah hadn’t been wearing that collar, she likely wouldn’t have been returned to her family.

The other family cats, who figure prominently in Sarah running off in the first place, were none too happy to see Sarah return. But Sarah has picked up some street smarts in the meantime and is currently spending most of her time snoozing in a bedroom with the door closed.

For those of you who haven’t licensed your pets, you should consider doing so now.

[Source: Itchmo]