05 December 2007

Dog to Receive Medal for Saving Woman's Life

There’s a new Lassie in town. Ghillie, an English Springer Spaniel, is a hero for saving a woman's life.

Two years ago, the then nine-month-old dog came up to a group of workmen and started barking and running back and forth along a path. At first, the workers were confused and uncertain of what Ghillie wanted them to do. The workers then realized that the dog wanted them to follow him. He led them to Mary Wilson, who had collapsed, was unconscious, and had fallen in some undergrowth.

The workers called an ambulance and Mary was rushed to the hospital, and she recovered from her epileptic seizure. Now, Ghillie is receiving an award, the PDSA’s Gold Medal, known as the animals’ George Cross, for his life-saving actions.

Ghillie’s owner, Mary's son, said, “He’s a fantastic dog. That it was my mother who he saved through his actions has made him a very special dog for all the family.”

Mary's husband added: "To us he is a very intelligent dog. What he did was fantastic, and Mary and I will forever be grateful for what he did."

The director of the animal charity that will be awarding Ghillie said, "His devotion and persistence that fateful December day undoubtedly saved Mary's life. This is an extraordinary story of that unique and inexplicable bond between people and their pets.”

Great job Ghillie!

[Source: Itchmo]