04 December 2007

Rescued After Living on Freeway Median

Oleander is one lucky dog, after having survived living by the median bushes on Interstate 10 in Banning, California for two months. Oleander was recently rescued and comfortably awaiting a home at a Riverside County animal shelter in Banning.

When Oleander was brought into the shelter on November 17th, she weighed only 35 pounds. Luckily, although Oleander was extremely thin, she was in good health except for a fractured front right leg. She will undergo surgery in a few weeks to fix her leg, which will be paid by the Department of Animal Services.

Oleander is believed to have survived all this time by eating mice and other rodents. The Department of Animal Services hopes to find someone to "foster" Oleander temporarily before and after she undergoes surgery. After her surgery, she will be up for adoption.

Oleander is a miracle dog for sure!

[Source: The Press-Enterprise and Itchmo]