03 December 2007

Dog Survives Euthanasia Attempt & 4 Days in Freezer

I was utterly disgusted and enraged after reading this story:

Animal control officer Jamie Glandon was completely shocked when she opened a freezer at the Rushville Animal Shelter in Indiana. She found Gabby, a dog, alive in the freezer where the carcasses of euthanized animals are put until they are discarded. It is believed that Gabby was euthanized four days before and survived being in the freezer for all that time.

Glandon said, “I went into the freezer to dispose of an animal, and (Gabby) popped her head up out of a barrel.” She said she was ordered to euthanize Gabby again, but Glandon refused and took the dog to a veterinarian instead. Glandon added that four other dogs, a border collie and three black lab puppies, survived euthanasia attempts since the summer at the shelter.

Jack Hill, the shelter director, has been suspended over the allegations that five dogs have survived euthanasia attempts. Glandon said police have confiscated her computer at the shelter and she fears that she may lose her job because she spoke up about the incidences and refused to euthanize Gabby.

She stated, “Gabby is in hiding. She is somewhere where she is safe, and she is recuperating. We’re not making her location known to anybody for safety reasons for her.” Glandon hopes to find her a new home after she recovers.

Hopefully, Jack Hill, the horrible director, will lose his job. Kudos to you Glandon, for doing the right thing and sticking by Gabby!

[Source: Itchmo]