23 February 2010

Doggy RIP: Cesar Millan's Pit Bull Daddy passes away

Daddy, Cesar Millan's beloved pet, died peacefully surrounded by family at the age of 16, according to the press wire. Daddy was a key fixture in the National Geographic Channel television series Dog Whisperer. He assisted Millan with his toughest cases, interacting with and calming the most unmanageable dogs with his natural balanced energy.

Daddy helped shape the behavior of entire generations of dogs by showing them the way to balance. Daddy, often referred to as America's Pit Bull ambassador because of his gentle disposition and intelligence, lived with the Millans from the age of four months.

Millan has been getting ready for Daddy's demise. He talked with me last fall about how Daddy helped him pick out a new dog for his pack. That new puppy was introduced in this article.

But any pet owner knows this: you can try to get yourself ready for the day your pet dies and it's never easy when it happens. Let's salute Daddy for the awareness he helped spread about good Pit Bulls.

[Source: USA Today]