02 February 2010

Puppy Rescued From Jet's Cargo Bay at JFK Airport

A puppy found nearly frozen in a jet's cargo bay at JFK Airport was revived by U.S. customs officers who performed mouth-to-snout resuscitation, officials said Thursday. The 6-week-old pooch was clinging to life when it arrived in New York Saturday on a commercial flight from Mexico, officials said. Another puppy packed in the same portable kennel in the pressurized cargo bay died during the flight.

Three U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers responded to the call of the popsicle pups because of a suspicion they might be drug mules.

"No matter how uncommon the call, CBP Officers are always willing and ready to assist," said Robert Perez, director of field operations for the CBP in New York. When the officers determined one of the dogs was still breathing, they went into rescue mode, wrapping it in blankets and heating pads, said CBP spokesman John Saleh.

"One of the officers did mouth-to-snout resuscitation," said Saleh, explaining the officer had been studying veterinary medicine.

The tan puppy with a white stripe down its snout was evaluated by a veterinarian and reunited with its unidentified owner Wednesday, Saleh said.

[Source: NYDailyNews.com]