01 February 2010

Sandra Bullock & Husband Looking for Lost Dog

Jesse James is offering $5,000 for the return of his lost dog. The biker, who is married to 'Blind Side' actress Sandra Bullock, has upped the reward money for the return of the dog from $2,000, a week after nine-month old pit bull terrier Cinnabun went missing.

Despite confirming he was upping the reward money, Jesse has admitted he is resigned to losing his beloved pet.

He wrote on twitter: "No sign of Cinnabun...Just working at the shop with "Mr.T" We r Starting to face the reality that Cinna is long gone (sic)."

However, he has vowed not to give up the search.

Jesse wrote on his company's website last week: "We've had a few leads, but all dead ends so far, but the search is still definitely on. She's a great little dog, and we want to find her as soon as possible.

"Please keep your eyes out for our little gal, she's a light brown and white pit bull, nine months old, cropped ears, full tail, hazel eyes. Last seen wearing a large pink collar near West Coast Choppers and Cisco Burger on Anaheim St./710 Freeway in Long Beach."

The biker even employed a pet detective last week to help find Cinnabun, who Jesse affectionately calls his "shop dog".

Colleen Bush from pet agency Find Toto, said: "I'm in contact with Sandra and Jesse all day. We've been going back and forth checking on tips."

[Source: News Blaze]