10 August 2007

The Mythical Double-Nosed Andean Tiger Hound

It sounds like something straight out of a Harry Potter book or Indiana Jones movie, but Colonel John Blashford-Snell, a professional adventurer, spotted a rare dog with 2 noses in Bolivia. He said, "While we were there, sitting by the fire one night, I saw an extraordinary-looking dog that appeared to have two noses. I was sober at the time, and then I remembered the story that the legendary explorer Colonel Percy Fawcett came back with in 1913 of seeing such strange dogs in the Amazon jungle."

The Colonel first spotted this dog named Bella in 2005. When he returned in 2007, he encountered Bella's son, Xingu, who also has 2 noses. The Colonel noted that Xingu is intelligent, has a great sense of smell, and other dogs snarl at him because they can sense he is different. Maybe we need to recall the story of Rudolph to these other doggies and let them know it's okay to have a different nose!