14 August 2007

It's All in the Stars

So, horoscopes... some of us read them. We're not even sure why. They seldom speak to us. I mean, they're more for the general zodiac. After all, what happens when you're not the typical Capricorn, Leo, or Sagittarius? Probably a totally opposite effect. Heck, sometimes it's downright cruel when you get a horoscope proclaiming your day will be great when what really happens is that you get hit with a downpour while cars splash mud all over your brand new duds.

But I digress about my weekend...

There's enough of an absurdity when it comes to human horoscopes. But then we come to the field that is the dog horoscope. Now, you'd think that breed and upbringing enough would determine all you need to know about your canine counterpart. However, no... the stars seem to play a role in it too. At DogHoroscope.com, your dog can find a comprehensive understanding of her astrological sign... if she could read. If your dog can, that is beyond amazing.

Anyway, I'm not all down about the notion of this site. There are some pretty useful tips for dog owners as to how to treat or deal with certain details in regards to dog ownership. And these tips are all provided by "Sir Loin."

If you're wondering about Sir Loin's qualifications, he's a graduate of Bowser University with a bachelor's in Puppyism. He attained his Master's after completing his thesis as a Rhodes Scholar in "DOGMA"--having attended Cambridge in England. Now THAT is an education.