03 August 2007


Do you have a full-time life but want a part-time pet? Flexpetz tries to fill that void in your life by allowing part-time ownership of a dog. Common reasons cited for not being able to have a dog full-time: pet restrictions where you live (common in New York City), heavy traveling for work (common with many New Yorkers I know) and/or a busy family schedule. The program allows you to spend time with a dog, from a couple of hours a day to a number of days. Most of the dogs are rescued (which is great), trained, healthy and come with a bed, food and water bowls, walking leash and GPS collar. Flexpetz is currently operating in Los Angeles and San Diego, with new locations in New York City, San Francisco and London opening this fall 2007. If you've used this service, we'd love to hear the feedback.