13 August 2007

2-Legged Wonder

So, we've all got a string of things we cannot or choose not to do because of some hindrance or another. You can't start that business because of your lack of funds or lack of knowledge in how to get started. You want to write that novel, but you can never find the time. There's always that hike you're thinking about, but is it really worth all that effort?

Then we get reminded of the poster of the cat on the clothesline with the caption "hang in there, baby!" (or whatever it is, I forget). Anyway, still images are great, but it's easy to lose that motivational point. Luckily for you, I've found the moving images that will stir you towards a different mindset. In short, this'll teach you to walk on your own two legs and appreciate it.

"But Lu, I've always had two legs!" I'm sure you're saying. Well, two legs is fine and dandy for us bipeds... but what about animals that are used to two extra legs? Watch below.

Now after watching all that, and seeing how a dog like that can still lead a happy life... doesn't it make you want to re-evaluate your own limitations?