20 August 2007

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Woofs

Sometimes, phishing through the net can be a lengthy task. Especially while looking for something worthwhile, or even as a rare gem of a treat. And so I've found some pictures to share, some of 'em creepy, some of 'em funny, and a couple of 'em downright cute.
This photo makes me think of the movie "CHUDS." Really, how unsettling is that? That's probably an adorable doggie too, when it's not brandishing a needle and showing red eyes of anger. Actually, on second inspection... that's more of pink. All right, I feel at ease. Next up...

George Carlin's got this bit where he talks about dogs having eyebrows and that leads them to have more realistic facial expressions. He thinks that if you look your dog in the face and then think about a certain event in your life, your dog's expression will match your thoughts. So, with all this established, what do you think this dog's owner was thinking about?

Hahaha... this is one of those things best kept as a joke. I'd rather not see in the news about someone actually trying to accomplish this

If you haven't said "awwww..." to this, you're some sort of monster.